Technocratic Warrior Remaster

Technocratic Warrior Remaster

I am still going through my art library and remastering several of my older pieces and this time I am remastering the piece, "Technocratic Warrior". I have reverently stopped painting with Corel Painter, which has been my go-to painting software for years. I have stopped using it for many reasons, but mostly due to poor tech support and few updates, if any, to the software before a paid upgrade is needed. So I have decided to save some money and to just use Adobe Photoshop CC which I pay for anyhow. I'm having to relearn quite a few techniques because of this, but I'm starting to get a working progress and I think I can safely say that photoshop even adds more ability.  At least it will I believe once I get comfortable with it.  So here is a progress flow through of Technocratic Warrior remastered in Photoshop from its original Painter version made around 2015-2016.

Character Bio:
"These Technocratic Warriors are commonly hired in the wastelands by villages to fight bandits, mutants and demons. Due to their cybernetic implants they are capable of withstanding pain and surviving wounds that would normally be fatal to a normal man."

Original Piece

In the first phase I began blending a few of the ink lines from the original piece to the painting and also adding a few form lines to work with and shading. I also blended the blood to the skin quite a bit at this point and added a few more shadows there as well. I focused a lot on the  shoulder in this phase also and added some shading above it. The lips are pretty ugly at this point and the beard is still one color mostly.

Here I blended out a lot more lines in the hair, face and shoulder and did a decent amount of texture adding and blending with the face as well.  The beard and hair have a lot more shadow and color added in as well. I did quite a bit of ear shading here and blending and still have quite a bit more work to do on it but I am leaving it as it for now and moving on. I also blended some of the lines on the first column of rock in the background that is closest to the character.

I added a whole lot more textured blending on the flesh in this part and also blended the mountains quite a bit. I removed most of the remaining hard lines and added quite a bit of shadows and some highlights. I diffused blurred the hair more in a few places to add a bit more texture and rendered the ear a bit more as well. I also blended the flesh blood parts to a more inside fleshy color and may add some dripping blood but have not decided. I also changed the flames coming out of the volcano just slightly in their eruption patterns.

I had a extra long session this time and finished it up.. I added some skin pores and texture and also added highlights to the metal edges of the leather bracket. I also added a lot more detail to the volcano and added some stitches to the gore and a bit more texture. Lastly I blurred it up a bit and lower the saturation.


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