Solar Expanse dual screen wallpaper

This is for the Spaced Out contest.

When I think of the phrase "Space Out", I think of a endless expanse filled with wonder and awe. Nebula, Stars, Planets, and a unimaginable amount of other enigmas are within this expanse. It reinforces my belief that anything imaginable is possible and that anything we can think of may very well exist somewhere.  

If it were possible I would visit another universe or maybe the border of our universe so I could be within two at once and maybe would exist differently in both simultaneously.
I created this completely with Photoshop cc, and engaged in quite a bit of new blending techniques in the process. It is completely 2d digitally painted. I created this as I went and just let it flow from my mind without doing much space research, but I have watched a lot of star trek if that counts as research.
Hope everyone likes it. This is a 4k dual screen wallpaper. You can download the wallpaper without the watermark from my DeviantArt page by clicking this link.


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