Dying vampire remaster

Dying vampire rework.

Art Piece - Dying Vampire "Dying by the birth of dawn".

So one of my favorite things to do is to rework my older pieces. Not only does it let me see how much better I am getting, but it puts that old art back out there. I mean after a while I don't even want to share the old stuff because I don't like it anymore. Plus it gives me something to do and to keep my skills developing while I am thinking of a new piece to work on.

This time I decided to rework one of my pieces from 2016. Here is a pic of the original work. It is of a vampire meeting the suns rays and is facing immanent doom. I still like this work a lot but I don't quite care for how flat the face is. I am thinking I will at least render a more realistic face. Not sure If im gonna keep the hair multicolor line thing going on or not. I have moved away from line art but I do like to mix my old work with the new sometimes so we will see if I go that route. I'm not gonna think about it to much right now.

In this first work in progress Pic I have started reworking the flesh of the face, building up a since of structure and tissue. This is a vampire so I'm gonna build up the cheek jaw a bit and add a bit of cranial bumps making it look a bit monster-humanish. I'm not adding any skin pores or to much detail yet at this point. Doing a lot of light brush strokes overlapping, burning and dodging, and lots and lots of blending.

 Did a bit more face work, but still have not added any pores or too much detail. Worked out a ear base as well. Got the eye started but haven't detailed it out yet. Also haven't decided what I'm doing with the hair yet but for now I just have the old hair sitting up there and old eyebrow as well. Ill figure that out very last I think but it will help me figure out my shadows on the skin just being there.

Here I added some skin pores light and dark and did a bit of upper lip shading. Worked on eye brow as well. Decided to upload the original beside the current work for a direct comparison. Starting to really take shape.  I think I have decided that I am going to render the hair but try to keep the color line border so it will not be perfectly realistic and still have some of the original artworks qualities. Ill try it anyhow and see how it works out. But first I need to do the eye which is going take a little while to get right and then some blood on the face as well. I may keep the original mouth crystals as well.

Today I did some work on the hair. I kept the multi color aspect to a extent but did go a bit more realistic. However I kept it within the confines of the original image instead of going super realistic with each strand. This is unblended with the face so it isn't very cohesive. Next I will need to blur, burn, and blend the hell out of everything to get it looking more natural.

Finishing up I blurred everything to my taste and lower the contrast a bit to make it look a bit more realistic. I also added some lighting effects that were similar to the original pictures. I dont want to over pick this image so I'm gonna call it finished hear as I am happy with it at this state.


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